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Afimilk IDeal Controller

The Afimilk IDeal Controller is a milking machine controller that is designed to automate the milking process for improved efficiency and accuracy. The device plays a crucial role in the milking process and performs the following functions:

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1. Vacuum pressure control: The IDeal controller regulates the vacuum pressure for each teat, and ensures consistent milk extraction. This results in more efficient milking, reduced stress for the cows, and a reduction in the chance of mastitis.

2. Pulsation control: The IDeal controller also regulates the milking machine pulsation, which helps to reduce the risk of injury to the cows and improve the milking process.

3. Data collection and analysis: The IDeal controller collects and records milking data in real-time, such as the amount of milk produced, the milking duration, and milking efficiency. This data is then available to be analyzed by dairy farmers and managers to help optimize the milking process and increase productivity.

4. User-friendly display: The IDeal controller features a touch screen user interface that allows farmers to view real-time data easily, make adjustments, and collect records.

5. Automatic washing: The IDeal controller can automatically wash the milking machine components after the milking process. This automated washing process saves time and ensures optimum hygiene standards.