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Antiskid hook —2 claws

This product uses D-type shackle as the head device, and adds anti-slip teeth and handle positions, making log operation more convenient and efficient.Opens up to 20 inches、21 inches、25 inches、28 inches、30inches、32 inches、36inches

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An antiskid hook with 2 claws is a type of hook that is designed to provide a strong grip on surfaces and prevent slipping or sliding. The hook typically has two sharp claws that can be easily embedded into a surface, such as wood or metal, to secure an object in place.

This type of hook is commonly used in a variety of applications, including hanging tools or equipment in a workshop, securing ropes or cords in outdoor activities, or organizing items in a home or garage. The antiskid feature ensures that the hook remains securely in place, even if the surface is wet, oily, or otherwise slippery.

Overall, an antiskid hook with 2 claws is a useful tool for anyone who needs a reliable and sturdy way to hang or secure items.