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Certified milk meters for cows

  • Meter head inlet and outlet area optimised to reduce vacuum restriction.
  • Option of 50 kg (110 lb) or 33 kg (73 lb) large capacity flask.
  • Cleans in place during wash cycle.
  • Multiple bracket options.
  • Goat version of Meter available, capacity 10 kg (22 lb).
  • No stirring or mixing of samples required, improves sample taking consistency.
  • Standard vial can be fitted to sampler.
  • Low maintenance.
  • ICAR approved.
  • Automated sampling and emptying for fast milking parlours.

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Certified milk meters for cows are highly accurate measuring devices that are used to measure the milk yield of individual cows during milking. These meters are specially designed to precisely measure the milk production of each cow, which is important for efficient and profitable dairy farming.

Certified milk meters for cows are certified by national and international organizations to ensure their accuracy and precision. They typically consist of a measuring unit, a display, and a data collection system. The measuring unit is connected to the milking equipment and measures the milk flow. The display shows the amount of milk collected, and the data collection system records the data for future analysis.

Some examples of certified milk meters for cows include the BouMatic Flow Star 450SG, DeLaval Milk Meter MM27, and GEA WestfaliaSurge Milk Meter. These meters use advanced technology to measure milk yield, milk flow rate, milk conductivity, and temperature, and provide real-time information to the farmer.

Certified milk meters for cows are essential tools for dairy farmers, providing them with the information they need to monitor the health and productivity of their herd and to make informed decisions about their farming practices.