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Fence Stretcher

Helps make fence and wire repairs easy. Quickly tighten any fence such as high tensile, barbed wire, or smooth wire. Ideal to splice, stretch, and re-position wire. When splicing wire, tool holds ends in place so both hands are free to make the splice.

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A fence stretcher, also known as a wire stretcher or tensioner, is a tool used to tighten and maintain tension on wire fencing. It is typically used on barbed wire, woven wire, or electric wire fencing.

A fence stretcher typically consists of a metal frame with two handles and a hook on one end to attach to the fence wire. The other end of the frame has a ratchet or threaded rod that is used to tighten the wire and maintain tension.

To use a fence stretcher, the tool is attached to the fence wire at the end post or corner post, and the wire is pulled taut using the handles. The ratchet or threaded rod is then used to tighten the wire and maintain tension. This helps prevent sagging or drooping of the fence wire, which can weaken the fence and make it less effective at containing livestock or providing security.

There are several types of fence stretchers available, including manual models that require physical strength to operate, as well as powered or hydraulic models that are operated by a machine or tractor. The specific type of fence stretcher you need will depend on the size and type of fence wire you are working with, as well as the frequency of use and other factors such as budget and available equipment.