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Log Cant Hook

The 42-inch/48-inch long tool handle provides enough leverage to save time and energy when positioning and moving large logs and beams; The 12 inch (30.5 cm) log moving hook can handle logs from 8 to 32 inches (20.3 to 81.3 cm) in diameter.

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A log cant hook, also known simply as a cant hook, is a tool used in the forestry industry to move logs. It consists of a wooden handle with a metal hook and spike at one end. The hook is used to grip the log, while the spike is used to pivot and roll the log. The log cant hook is particularly useful for maneuvering heavy logs that are difficult to move by hand. It is a simple but effective tool that has been used for centuries by loggers and lumberjacks. Today, modern versions of the log cant hook are often made with steel handles and improved gripping mechanisms, but the basic design remains the same.