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Log Debarker

A log debarker is a machine used to remove the bark from logs. It is a tool that is often used in the forestry and wood processing industries to prepare logs for further processing or to create finished wood products.

Log debarkers come in a variety of designs, but they generally consist of a large drum or rotating cylinder that is covered in teeth or blades. The logs are fed into the drum, and as they pass through, the teeth or blades strip away the bark and rough outer layer of the log.

Some log debarkers are designed for use with small logs, while others are designed for larger logs. They may be powered by electricity, hydraulics, or a gas engine, and can be operated manually or automatically.

Log debarkers are useful tools because they can help to increase efficiency and reduce waste in the wood processing industry. By removing the bark and outer layer of the log, they can make it easier to process the wood and create high-quality finished products.

In addition to their use in the wood processing industry, log debarkers are also used in the construction of log homes and other wooden structures. They can help to create smooth, uniform logs that are easier to work with and more visually appealing.

Overall, log debarkers are an important tool for anyone who works with wood, whether in the forestry industry, wood processing industry, or in woodworking and construction.

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It is suitable for most electric saws or chain saws (including Husqvarna and STIHL), and is used for peeling and grooving logs. It is mainly used in log processing, wood construction, logging plants, sawmills and household builders.
With chain saw, driven by belt.
Aluminum die-casting shell, aluminum extended knife base (11cm), equipped with high durability blade.
(Alternate colors: orange, yellow, red, blue, green, or other common colors.)