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Log Grapple Log clamp

● Jaws can be opened to 22 inches to grab logs for sliding and lifting;
● Annular design greatly enhances the strength of lifting and dragging;
● It can bear up to 3000 pounds with strong capacity;
● Sharp teeth have excellent clamping stability, providing you with safe support when lifting or sliding logs;
● It is made of high-quality steel, durable, with powder coating, to ensure that the grab is durable and corrosion resistant;
● It is equipped with universal joint, which is easy to carry, connect and use.

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A log grapple, also known as a log clamp, is a type of tool used to grip and lift logs in forestry operations. It is typically attached to a machine such as a crane, excavator, or front-end loader, and consists of two large jaws that come together to grip the log. The jaws are usually made of heavy-duty steel and may be operated hydraulically or mechanically.

To use a log grapple, the machine operator positions the grapple over the log, then lowers the jaws to grip the log securely. Once the log is gripped, the operator can lift it and move it to the desired location.

Log grapples are highly effective tools for handling large logs and can be used in a variety of forestry operations, such as logging, sawmilling, and pulp and paper production. They are often used in conjunction with other forestry equipment, such as saws and delimbers, to process logs into usable products.

It’s important to note that log grapples can be dangerous if not used properly. Workers must receive proper training and follow safety protocols when using log grapples, as the weight and size of the logs being handled can pose a significant risk to both the operator and bystanders.