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Log Lifting Tongs/Claw Hook/Timber Claw

1. Design with 4 claws, stable claw wood and strong support.
2. High quality carbon steel will not bend or break within the working range;
3. Powder coating, free from erosion and wear; (Color can be customized)
4. Optional opening sizes: 25 “, 28”, 30 “, 32”, 36 “and other required sizes.

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Log lifting tongs, also known as claw hooks or timber claws, are tools used for gripping and lifting logs in forestry operations. They are similar in design to heavy-duty timber claws, consisting of two curved metal arms that come together at a pivot point, but they typically have smaller and sharper points or teeth at the end of each arm for a more secure grip on smaller logs.

To use log lifting tongs, a worker would approach a log and position the tongs on either side of the log, then close the jaws of the tongs around the log by pulling on a chain or lever attached to the pivot point. Once the tongs have a secure grip on the log, the worker can use the tool to lift and move the log as needed.

Log lifting tongs are versatile tools that can be used in a variety of forestry operations, including logging, sawmilling, and pulp and paper production. They are especially useful for handling smaller logs or for more precise movements where heavy machinery may not be necessary.

As with heavy-duty timber claws and log grapples, workers using log lifting tongs must receive proper training and follow safety protocols to prevent injury or damage to equipment.