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Log Peeler

Transform chainsaw to a log peeler with low cost.suitable for most of chainsaws

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A log peeler is a tool used for removing the bark and rough outer layer of a log to prepare it for use in various woodworking projects. The process of peeling logs is often called “debarking” or “barking.”

Log peelers come in a variety of designs, but they typically consist of a rotating blade that is mounted on a handle or frame. The blade is used to shave off the outer layer of the log, revealing the smooth wood underneath.

Log peelers are often used by woodworkers and craftsmen who want to create rustic furniture, log cabins, and other wooden structures. They can also be used to prepare logs for use as fence posts or other outdoor projects.

There are both manual and powered log peelers available on the market. Manual log peelers are operated by hand, while powered log peelers use electricity or a gas engine to drive the blade. Powered log peelers are generally faster and more efficient than manual ones, but they can also be more expensive.

Overall, log peelers are a useful tool for anyone who works with logs or wood, as they can help to save time and effort in the preparation of wooden materials.