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Logging Saw Horse, Log Stand

The upper and lower sides are equipped with clamping teeth, and the clamping wood is firm.
Close left and right to prevent left and right sliding. The maximum length of processed logs is 4m.

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A logging saw horse, also known as a log stand, is a piece of equipment used to hold logs in place while they are being cut with a chainsaw or other cutting tool. The saw horse is typically made of sturdy materials such as wood, metal, or plastic and is designed to support the weight of the log while keeping it steady during the cutting process.

The saw horse typically consists of two parallel logs that are positioned a few feet apart and held in place by a series of crossbars or braces. The logs are typically angled downward slightly toward the operator, which helps to prevent the log from rolling or slipping during cutting.

Some saw horses are adjustable, allowing the operator to change the height of the log or to angle it for easier cutting. Others may have additional features such as clamps or vices to hold the log even more securely.

Saw horses are commonly used by loggers, woodworkers, and anyone who needs to cut logs or other large pieces of wood. They are an essential tool for anyone who needs to work with heavy or bulky materials and wants to do so safely and efficiently.