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Logging Saw Horse, Log Stand

Claws can hold logs with a diameter of 2 inches to 9 inches. The maximum length of processed logs is 4m.
It is equipped with hard clamping teeth, which can be adjusted according to different sizes of wood.

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A logging saw horse, also known as a log stand, is a device used to hold a log in place while it is being cut with a saw. It consists of two parallel legs that support a crossbar, which in turn supports the log. The legs are designed to be spread apart to provide stability, and the crossbar is usually adjustable to accommodate logs of different sizes.

Using a saw horse or log stand makes cutting logs safer and more efficient, as it provides a stable platform for the log to rest on and reduces the risk of injury from the saw slipping or the log rolling. It also makes it easier to cut the log into smaller, more manageable pieces, as the log can be rotated and repositioned as needed.

There are many different types of saw horses and log stands available, ranging from simple wooden models to more advanced designs that incorporate features like clamps and chains to hold the log in place. Some models are also collapsible or foldable, making them easier to transport and store when not in use.