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Post Puller

jaws work on t-post, construction stakes, u-shaped posts & much more
* Unique jaws work on studded & non-studded t-posts
* Long angled handled provides added leverage
* 5″ x 4-5/8″ sturdy platform
* Shortens to reach stakes close to the ground *

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A post puller is a tool or machine designed to remove posts from the ground. It can be used for a variety of applications, such as fence post removal, sign post removal, or even tree stump removal.

There are different types of post pullers available on the market, ranging from manual to hydraulic-powered devices. Manual post pullers usually consist of a long handle and a lever mechanism that allows the user to apply force and lift the post out of the ground. Hydraulic post pullers, on the other hand, use a hydraulic cylinder to apply force and remove the post.

When using a post puller, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and wear appropriate safety gear, such as gloves and eye protection. Additionally, the ground around the post should be cleared of any obstructions or debris to avoid damaging the post or the tool.