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Saw Horse

This product is a saw horse or a support frame, which is generally used by two. You can put a board on the shelf to put the goods, or put the wood on the shelf to saw the wood and board. The bearing capacity of the product is very good, and it is mainly used for wood processing and building support.

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A sawhorse, also known as a sawbuck, is a type of support structure used for sawing wood or other materials. It typically consists of two or more legs that are connected by a horizontal beam or top board. The legs are angled outward to provide stability and support, and the top board provides a flat surface for the material being sawed.

Sawhorses come in a variety of sizes and materials, ranging from simple wooden designs to more complex metal or plastic constructions. Some sawhorses are foldable for easy storage and transportation, while others are fixed and designed for heavy-duty use in a workshop or construction site.

Sawhorses are often used in pairs to support long pieces of wood or other materials while they are being cut. This provides a stable and safe cutting surface, reducing the risk of injury and ensuring a more accurate cut. Sawhorses are also commonly used as a workbench, painting or staining platform, or as a support for other tools and equipment.

Overall, a sawhorse is a versatile and essential tool for anyone working with wood or other materials that need to be cut or supported during a project.