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Timber Roller

Constructed of heavy-duty carbon steel and orange powder coating, the Felled Timberjack Logging Tools are designed for strength, durability, and longevity. The 45-inch-long (114.3 cm) steel bar features a black rubber handle to provide a comfortable and secure grip while you pull on the log ox lever to lift logs to be cut for firewood.

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A timber roller, also known as a log roller, is a tool used for moving and manipulating logs or other heavy timber. It typically consists of a long, cylindrical handle with a series of ridges or spikes along its length to provide grip and traction.

Timber rollers are used in forestry, woodworking, and other industries where logs or timber need to be transported or manipulated. They are often used to roll logs over rough terrain or through water, making it easier to move them to a desired location. Timber rollers are also used to help position logs for sawing, splitting, or other types of processing.

There are various types of timber rollers available, ranging from traditional wooden models to more modern designs made from metal or plastic. Some timber rollers are designed with a detachable handle, making them easier to transport and store.

Overall, a timber roller is a useful tool for anyone who works with logs or timber, providing a safe and efficient way to move and manipulate heavy materials.