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Tree Felling Lever

This tool is used to turn, tilt and move trees.
-Heavy forged long handle logging rod
-Equipped with sliding forged iron hook
-The curved handle provides additional leverage
-Comfortable anti-slip handle

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A tree felling lever, also known as a timberjack or peavey, is a tool used in the forestry industry to assist with the felling and handling of trees. It consists of a long metal pole with a hook and pointed spike at one end, and a flat foot or “dog” at the other end. The hook and spike are used to grip and roll logs, while the foot provides stability when levering a tree.

To use a tree felling lever, the hook and spike are driven into the tree trunk, and the lever is then used to pry and push the tree in the desired direction of fall. The flat foot or “dog” is placed against the ground to provide leverage and prevent the lever from sinking into the soil. Tree felling levers are commonly used in combination with chainsaws and other cutting tools to safely fell and remove trees.

Tree felling levers are typically made from durable materials such as steel or aluminum, and are available in a variety of sizes and designs to suit different tree sizes and cutting applications. They are an essential tool for professional loggers and arborists, as well as for hobbyists and homeowners who need to fell trees on their property.