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Wire Spinner

Heavy duty clutch spring to keep tension on your wire.
· Positions for two rolls of barb that can be dispersed at once or one at a time.
· A tie down point to the front of the spinner to allow the operator to drive and spin off wire.
· Ability to maneuver the spinner by turning on its side and rolling in a wheel like motion.

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A wire spinner is a tool used to unroll and spin wire, typically in fencing and construction applications. The wire is usually stored on a spool or reel, and the wire spinner helps to unroll it smoothly and efficiently.

Wire spinners can be powered by hand or by a motor, depending on the size and weight of the wire being used. Hand-powered wire spinners typically consist of a spool holder and a handle or crank that is used to rotate the spool and unroll the wire. Motorized wire spinners may be mounted on a truck or trailer, and can quickly unroll large quantities of wire with minimal effort.

Wire spinners are essential for maintaining a smooth, even flow of wire during installation, and can help to prevent kinks, snags, and other types of damage that can occur when wire is unrolled manually. They are also useful for reducing labor time and increasing efficiency on large-scale projects.

The specific type of wire spinner you need will depend on the size and weight of the wire you are working with, as well as the specific application or task you are undertaking. Some wire spinners may be designed for use with specific types of wire, such as barbed wire or high-tensile fencing wire.