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Wire Spinner

Holds 1500m of 2.5mm or 750m of 3.15mm wire
Multiple diameter adjustments to suit the popular coil sizes.
Adjustable spring tensioned brake stops over run and the resulting tangles.

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A wire spinner is a machine used to spin and twist wire strands together to create a stronger and more durable wire rope. The process of wire spinning involves feeding individual wire strands into the spinner and twisting them together to form a single rope-like strand. The wire spinner can be operated manually or using a motor, depending on the size and complexity of the machine.

Wire spinners are used in a variety of industries, including construction, transportation, and manufacturing. They are commonly used to create wire ropes for cranes, elevators, and suspension bridges. Wire spinners can also be used to create wire mesh and fencing.

Wire spinning technology has advanced over the years, with the development of computer-controlled wire spinning machines that can produce more precise and consistent wire ropes. Some wire spinners also incorporate sensors and monitoring systems to ensure that the wire strands are properly aligned and tensioned during the spinning process.