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Wire Tightener

Wire tight, it is for tigtening the loose barbed wire. It works fast – you can tighten a fence line in minutes.
Lightweight only 3 pounds!
Won’t break old and wear out wire.
Take up six inches of slack with each bite!
Use after spliced or loose wire

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A wire tightener, also known as a wire strainer or wire tensioner, is a tool used to tighten and maintain tension on wire fencing. Wire fencing is commonly used for agricultural, industrial, and residential applications to create boundaries or enclosures.

Wire tighteners typically consist of a metal frame with two handles and a hook or clamp on each end to attach to the fence wire. The other end of the frame has a ratchet or threaded rod that is used to tighten the wire and maintain tension. The tightener may also have adjustable legs or other features that allow it to be customized for different fence configurations.

To use a wire tightener, the tool is attached to the fence wire at the end post or corner post, and the wire is pulled taut using the handles. The ratchet or threaded rod is then used to tighten the wire and maintain tension. This helps to ensure that the fence is properly tensioned and able to withstand pressure from animals, weather, or other forces.

Wire tighteners are essential tools for maintaining wire fencing and ensuring that it remains effective at containing livestock or creating boundaries. They can be used for a variety of wire fencing types, including barbed wire, electric fencing, and plain wire. The specific type of wire tightener you need will depend on the size and type of fence wire you are working with, as well as the frequency of use and other factors such as budget and available equipment.